VIDEO 1:  This was in Saint Louis and it was after driving in the snow I started video taping the snow. When I replayed the video I saw the level of energy that had been with me during my drive leave and you see a white light go across the street and then a light shoot up into the sky at the end. Hopefully you can pause and rewatch at the end to see the light shoot up into the sky its very fast.

VIDEO 2: In the beginning of Heaven coming into my life while living in Sherman Oaks there was a lot of energy in my home. This is a video of light coming out of the wall and up to the camera.  The experience was extraordinaire. The world is only energy in photosynthesis.

VIDEO 3: This is an amazing video that has another species from our atmosphere. During the process of learning about creation there have been many experiences with life on planet that humanity has not known about. Levels of energy can be in all shapes and sizes. In the middle of the screen you see more energy on video. The medium isn't what to seek it is the light we want to understand and experience because the level of intelligence is so far beyond humanities it leads us to greater possibilities in our level of consciousness. Energy can be in any level of matter and transform to light. The world is only energy.

VIDEO 4: This is energy in Sherman Oaks . Beautiful levels of light are everywhere in life. Energy is hundreds of billions of years alive. The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy.

VIDEO 5: In Saint Louis the energy during a snow fall was Heavenly. There are many different levels of energy in this and some light creatures. The world is living in light with many older levels of consciousness helping the atmosphere have the ability to exist.


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